God & Glam: The Bible Study

The Paper & Glam Bible Study 2018

Paper & Glam Sisters, 

At long last, after two years of prep the Paper & Glam Bible Study is here!

Today we kick off our first year of God & Glam together. But before we begin, let's talk through the foundation for the study and the heart behind it.

You may be thinking that the weekend after Thanksgiving is an odd time to start a year long study, so let's start there.

When does the new year begin?

Is it January 1st with new year resolutions and a fresh planner? Or does the time of our lives restart with the academic year, after the summer when it's time to leverage the energy of fall to cozy up and get down to business. 

Today, we're talking about a third way to mark the time of our lives: The Christian Year.

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The Paper & Glam Book Club 2018

The Paper & Glam Book Club 2018

Paper & Glam Readers,
It's time to meet our 2018 Reading List!
Before I walk through our year in books, let's briefly discuss the framework and heart behind the Paper & Glam Book Club.
How are the titles chosen each year?
Our reading list framework is a three-way split between classics, fiction, and non-fiction. In addition, the list includes a work of children's literature and a young adult title. This structure ensures whether you're a devoted fan of pop-culture phonemes, literary greats, or a student of the human experience, you're sure to meet a book you can't put down!
The goal of the Paper & Glam Book Club is to read both deeply into each title as well as widely into many genres, thus expanding our literary horizons while experiencing each book within the context of community. Each title on the reading list received many votes from the Paper & Glam reading community, and at least one glowing endorsement from a monthly book chatter who read it and savored every page.

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Watermelon Day: Healthy Glam Popsicles

Watermelon Day Healthy Snacks by Paper & Glam
Watermelon Day Healthy Snacks by Paper & Glam
Watermelon Day Healthy Snacks by Paper & Glam
Polka Dot Food Prep Prep Board: Kate Spade (only $25 and such a beautiful kitchen addition) | Food Grade Popsicle Sticks: Amazon | Hot Pink Knife: Pure Komachi

Happy Watermelon Day, girlfriends!

Today, as my seasonal sisters know, is Watermelon Day!

Here in sunny LA we have a very, humid and hot Thursday. It wasn't hard to convince me to create a cooling little watermelon snack. This one is the perfect thing if you want a quick, easy, and yet very festive healthy snack. I am bringing these beauties down to the pool with a book to end this Thursday with a little self care.

Here comes a quick tutorial:

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